Tri Map

Course Map for SBMT:  Double click on map to enlarge. Start/Finish and Transition Area are all at the Cascade Lake Day Use Area.

The 15-mile bike leg begins at the Day Use transition area and heads to Doe Bay and then back to the transition area. The road is rolling hills and flat areas.  There are some hills with a 4% grade and short hills with as much as a 14% grade.  Near Doe Bay Resort there is a 45 degree turn which will require you to watch approach speed and transition.

We will have race officials at the Doe Bay corner.

The turn around will be  at the intersection of Alderbrook and Sea View Acres and clearly marked attended by a race official.

The trail run begins counterclockwise around Cascade Lake and includes the lagoon (do not short your mileage by crossing the lagoon bridge!) Finish at the Day Use area.



SBMT 2010