Creatures of the Forest

Our Creatures of the Forest program began with a grant from OICF and continues again this year reaching out to local elementary students. 

Creatures of the Forest brings forth three components to stress the importance of preservation and an appreciation of our environment.   

Friends of Moran feels it is imperative to provide the information to younger generations who will ultimately need to address more complex environmental changes and meet greater challenges with knowledge and innovation. 

The program consists of 5 classes: Kokanee (landlocked salmon & our hatchery), Rough skinned newts, birds, mammals, and biodiversity.   

 Kids learn that all animals and plants are connected by the web of life, that there is a great variety of plant and animal life in Moran State park and the world. Discussions revolve around why all this is important and how environments are affected by human impact.  Students are also introduced and encouraged to gently handle a number of bird feathers, wings, and skulls along with pictures of the birds. Topics also cover food, predators, prey, habitat, survival, camouflage.

Research shows that kids absorb more information when immersed in the environment of their studies. We believe our program provides substantive information, hands on activities in the great outdoors. This in turn motivates the kids to take care of the environment and explore further.  

If you are interested in this program we encourage you to email us. Depending upon the weather, the classes are held at the Cascade Day Use area or at the summit in the Summit Learning Center.


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